August 16, 2019

Hurricane Reggae Band

Hurricane Reggae Band was voted 2017 Chicago Best Reggae Band! Hailing from the exotic isle of Dominica, Cleve Hurricane Jean Jacques has been a professional musician since he could remember. Hurricane’s musical career began at the tender age of fourteen when he was performing as lead guitarist and vocalist for the Islands leading band. Then Hurricane continued to develop in strength as a songwriter, musical arranger and entertainer. In 1986 he entered the arena of calypso and for the next twenty-nine years touched the hearts and lives of people all over the world. Prepare to experience a true Caribbean vibe a total party package with Reggae, Soca and Calypso a little jazz and blues and a taste of a real island culture and sound from the Hurricane.


Women’s Division – Chamber of Commerce

WDCC has been helping support and benefit our community since 1951, and have several events and programs that have raised significant amounts of money for local nonprofits and organizations. Our organization’s mission is: Working Together to Make a Difference in our Community. We have been doing that for over 67 years and the effect of our contributions are seen in every part of this community. From fighting hunger, to providing scholarships, to beautifying our neighborhoods, and so much more – WDCC has had a large hand in all of it and will continue to do so. Our legacy is one that will last forever.

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