August 2, 2019


Melophobix is a seven-piece Cage-Free Funk band based out of Grand Rapids, MI. The band was officially founded in November of 2015. All seven of the Melophobix members came together through collaborations within Grand Rapids’ flourishing music scene and various open-mic night performances. Shortly after their launch, Melophobix recorded and released their debut self-titled EP in the summer of 2016. Comprised of three original tracks, Melophobix EP was a representation of the band’s eclectic roots. In early spring of 2017, the band released two additional singles accompanied by live performance videos.

Melophobix released their first full-length album in late 2018. Cage-Free was recorded at Third Coast Recording Company in Grand Haven, MI. The record’s title (Cage-Free) not only reflects the band’s broad and boundless approach to the funk genre, but also speaks to the group’s collective ideology. The track list showcases Melophobix’s diverse taste and genre-bending songwriting. Fueled with depth of instrumentation and vocal capabilities, and backed by energetic and dynamic live performances, the album is poised to take the band to greater heights in the music scene.

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Paddlebots was born out of a college friendship between Kortez Buckner and Haruki Hakoyama – two remarkably different individuals who came together through a shared love and vision for music. Haruki’s upbringing in the world of jazz and the gospel/pop/soul influences that made up the soundtrack of Kortez’s life have coalesced into a sound that brings the best of these sensibilities together. 

In collaboration with their immensely gifted friends Andy, Dom, Mike, Zakariya, Ethan, and Adam, Paddlebots has forged a unique sound combining the accessibility of soul and pop with the sharp musicianship of funk and jazz that can be referred to simply as “Progressive Soul-Pop”, a sound that introduced itself to the world in their 2017 debut album, Mouth Full of Dirt. 

Paddlebots seeks to bring good feels and great vibes through their music, and nowhere is this more present than during their electric live performances. Groove-heavy rhythm backing horn-driven melodies over soulful vocals – it’s a recipe that is as unique as it is undeniable, and they are looking to share it to as many people as possible, so look for the Bots in a city near you!

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Community enCompass

Community enCompass is a neighborhood Christian Community Development Organization serving the core-city neighborhoods of Muskegon, MI.  Their mission is to empower neighbors and build community in the core city neighborhoods of Muskegon by sharing God’s love, seeking justice and a better quality of life for all through long-term, sustainable changes.

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