Attendee FAQs

What is the cost of admission to Parties in the Park?

Admission is FREE

Do you allow pets at Parties in the Park?

Sorry, unless your pet is a registered service animal with current rabies certification, we DO NOT allow pets at our events. 

What if it rains?

Rain or Shine!  We reserve the right to cancel due to extreme weather.

Are bikes, skateboards, skates allowed?

No skateboards or skates are allowed.  Bicycles are not allowed inside Hackley Park.  There is FREE bicycle parking at the Fourth Street Entrance.

Is smoking allowed?

NO smoking is allowed.

Do you have a Lost & Found?

Please email regarding any lost items.  We will do our best to help you locate your belongings.

What food is available for purchase?

Food Vendors rotate weekly. For a listing of our contracted vendors, follow our social media.

What beverages are available for purchase?

Parties in the Park has partnered with Tyler Sales, our local Budweiser distributor, to provide you with a variety of refreshing options. Tickets must be purchased to consume alcoholic beverages; tickets are available at both entrances and there are also multiple ticket rovers throughout the park to assist you.  Beverages may change per event.

Are non-alcoholic beverage available for purchase?

Our contracted food vendors all supply a variety of soda and other beverages.  Additionally, water is also available for purchase with a beverage ticket. 

Can I get a refund on any unused tickets?

Sorry, refunds of any unused tickets are not provided and are not accepted at future Parties in the Park events.  Each event benefits a local non-profit organization and your contributions are appreciated!

Can I bring outside food, beverages or alcohol?

All outside food, drinks and alcohol are NOT permitted. There are many food vendors and a variety of beer and non-alcoholic options at each event.

Is Hackley Park wheelchair accessible?

Party in the Park is wheelchair accessible in that there are no steps to traverse in order to get into or out of the park. However, there are a significant amount of grassy areas within the park.  Please plan accordingly.

Non-Profit FAQs

How much money can my non-profit make hosting a Party in the Park?

The money earned by the non-profit depends on several factors including weather, entertainment, the amount of promotions by the non-profit and other various factors. Parties tend to earn anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. In rare instances, a party may be canceled due to weather. In that case, a rainy day fund has been established to help cover the non-profit for any losses incurred.

How many volunteers does our non-profit need to run a successful party?

A minimum of 60 volunteers and up to 100 volunteers is the ideal number for running a successful party. It’s up to the non-profit as to whether they schedule volunteers in 2-hour shifts or 4-hour shifts. Shift length will change your volunteer needs. A minimum of 60 volunteers on site at all times is recommended for a smooth party. Make sure to have extra volunteers scheduled for set-up and tear-down.

How will my non-profit’s party be promoted?

The parties in the park board promotes all parties via billboards, social media events and posts, posting to community calendars, printed schedules, website and email blasts. For maximum exposure, nonprofits are encouraged to also promote their party to their membership, followers, clients, etc.

How much money will my nonprofit need to have for up-front costs?

The parties in the park board recommends having a minimum of $15,000 available to cover the cost of beverages  and any infrastructure costs.

What does my nonprofit need to have in order to apply to host a party?

You must first complete the nonprofit party host application, which can be found at, and provide a refundable application fee of $50. Upon selection, you will also be asked to provide a roster of your Board of Directors and proof of your 501 (c) not-for-profit status. Your application fee will be refunded if your organization is not selected to host a party.

What kind of training will my non-profit receive prior to hosting a party?

Every party is assigned two board liaisons who will be available to answer any questions you have regarding your party. In addition, a mandatory nonprofit kickoff meeting will take place before the season starts to go over responsibilities and the full Parties in the Park board will be available to answer questions.

How are non-profits selected to host a party?

Each year’s event schedule usually consists of 8 parties, 6 of which are hosted by nonprofit applicants. Nonprofits who pay the application fee and submit all required paperwork before the deadline will be considered for a party. The Parties in the Park Board of Directors will score each application using a rating system and choose the top ranking nonprofits and then randomly assign dates. Each nonprofit will be rated on their ability to meet the party requirements, how they intend to spend the raised funds to benefit the community, how many times they have hosted a party in the past, and their responses to the application questions.

What does Party in the Park supply to the non-profit party host?

The Parties in the Park Board will arrange for vendor selection for needed infrastructure through competitive RFQ process.  Once selected, nonprofits will be notified of those vendors and any corresponding costs associated. They will also provide much of the party’s infrastructure including signage, kids zone activities, drink tickets, wristbands, and party emcee. In addition, Parties in the Park will execute a multi-disciplinary marketing campaign for the party season. The nonprofit is responsible for the cost  for portable restrooms, ice, beverages, security, sound, insurance and liquor license.

What does my nonprofit need to know about the Parties in the Park food vendors?

The food vendors are coordinated by the Parties in the Park Food and Beverage Director. They keep all proceeds made during each party. Food vendors are not allowed to sell water; water is provided by Tyler Sales, our beverage distributor, and proceeds benefit each respective nonprofit.  Nonprofits are not allowed to bring in their own food or contract additional food vendors.

What can my non-profit do to increase our party’s success?

This is YOUR PARTY! Make it your party. Have a display table to talk about your organization, bring in activities that are related to your organization, add additional revenue generators like a 50/50 raffle. Bring something unique to your party to draw a bigger crowd. It’s up to you… make it your own and make it fun!

Ready to join the party? Please complete a 2024 application for consideration by Monday, February 19th. CLICK HERE.

Band FAQs

What do we have to do for our band to be considered to play at Parties in the Park?

Submit completed band application. Open calls for applications in 2024 will be open SOON!

Why has our band not been chosen to perform after submitting our application?

There are limited dates to fill and MANY bands to choose from.  Our goal is to provide a variety of music appropriate for all ages/demographics.  If you don’t get selected, you may try submitting again the following year.

Do we have to provide our own sound system?

No, Parties in the Park works with a professional sound technician with equipment to provide high quality sound for the outdoor setting.

What happens if it rains?

Rain or Shine, the show goes on!  In the event of severe weather, Parties in the Park reserves the right to cancel an event.  We have a beautiful covered stage that was gifted to the City of Muskegon for their generosity and support of Parties in the Park for the past 39 years.  

Ready to join the party? Please complete a 2024 band application for consideration by Friday, March 15th. CLICK HERE.

Sponsorship FAQs

How much does it cost to be a sponsor?

We have a wide range a sponsorship levels from our Friends of PIP sponsor, which is $500 to a Presenting Sponsor, which is $15,000. NEW for 2024 we have a $250 level to celebration our 40th Anniversary AND 8 spots available for a Corporate Party at $3,000!

Where do the proceeds go?

We are a non profit so we operate 100% off from the generosity of our community. We use sponsorship money to offset the costs that our non-profit partners incur to host their party. For our 40th anniversary season, we are continuing to offset the cost for entertainment, marketing, infrastructure, and kids zone activities.

Why should I sponsor Parties in the Park?

Sponsorship of Parties in the Park provides an opportunity to give back to your local community.  We estimate that Parties in the Park brings over 25,000 people to Downtown Muskegon every year, and we continue to grow.  Additionally, a Parties in the Park sponsorship gets you recognized at 8 separate events for one price.

How can I become a sponsor?

Sponsorship invitation and levels – CLICK HERE.

Ready to join the party? Simply fill out the sponsorship form or contact our Sponsorship Director, Frank Peterson,

Vendor FAQs

Coming soon.

Ready to join the party? Please complete a 2024 application for consideration by Friday, March 15th. CLICK HERE.

Class Reunion FAQs

Are you gathering as a Class Reunion?

Class Reunion Guidelines
For groups that would like to utilize Parties in the Park as a meeting place for class reunions, family reunions, etc. the following rules apply:

  • No outside food or drinks may be brought into the Park.
  • Groups may “gather” in a certain location by securing no more than 2 picnic tables. Groups will often fly their school colors, ie: red & white balloons. The location set aside for groups to meet is between the band and the 3rd street entrance.
  • At no time will signs or balloons be tied to trees.
  • Any balloons that are brought into the park should be popped and thrown into trash can, please make every effort not to release balloons. Groups should be advised they are to clean up after themselves.
  • Sales of items, memberships, t-shirts, raffles etc. are prohibited within the park.
  • Picnic tables may not be available.